Backbone Global

Backbone is a bespoke fashion house of hosiery.

By offering customized Australian designed specialized hosiery products to our customers we are empowering them with our expertise. This enables our customers to bring unique and high quality goods to there customers and still maintain a competitive price point.

Backbones design study and research are collaborated and developed in partnership and then adopted all over the world under leading brands. Backbones innovative and high quality solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Our Italian manufacturers have over 40 years experience in knitting hosiery and thanks to the impressive technical skills and significant investments in new technologies, our manufactures stand out with their high quality products that are very difficult to copy but remain competitively priced.

All Our products are under continuous control that always ensures maximum quality and safety. Such strict quality and standards means that Backbone private label can compete successfully on the world market facilitating brands with the reputation of refined, comfortable, elegant and always perfect fitting hosiery.